Unveiling of New Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport Terminal

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New terminal photograph taken November 13, 2020

Brownsville, Texas – November 17, 2020: After over 5 years of planning, funding, and construction, the new terminal at the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport is ready to debut.

The unveiling ceremony is open to the public online and will begin at 6 pm December 11, streaming live at www.flybrownsville.com, rain or shine. Also, Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport is also conducting a registration for up to 200 parking passes, so people can take their family to this event in- person. In-person guest will park drive-in theatre style and enjoy the show from their car. For a chance to win a free parking pass go to www.flybrownsvile.com. (Social distancing and masks will be required. See rules for complete details.)

The evening event will include an unveiling ceremony, music, speakers, fireworks, and a virtual tour of the inside of the new terminal.

“This has been a long time in the making,” said Bryant Walker, Assistant City Manager and Airport Director. “From planning, design, and research, to funding, bidding, and construction, the day is finally arriving when we will unveil the new terminal to the citizens of Brownsville.”

The 91,000 square foot facility is state of the art with unique features never before featured in an airport terminal. Its glass front is designed with SageGlass that dynamically changes tint in response to the sun to maintain enhanced viewing comfort. Airport personnel can manage the amount of light and adjust the glass at will to create a more efficient and comfortable environment in the terminal.

The terminal layout is modular, which will allow for future expansion with less traffic disruption and reduced expansion cost. Additionally, the layout enhances and simplifies the security experience with a strategically designed floor plan.

“There are so many people to thank that made this project possible,” Walker continued. “From Congressman Vela, the FAA, our mayor and city commission, the airport board, city and airport staffs, architects, engineers, construction companies and crews– without them all we could not be unveiling this beautiful new terminal.”

Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport, designated as BRO, is an international airport with a U.S. Custom and Border Protection facility in the terminal, allowing passengers to reenter the country smoothly. The facility also offers a TSA PreCheck® lane, making travel more convenient.

“We are so proud to unveil the new Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport terminal,” said Mayor Trey Mendez. “For many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of Brownsville’s extended aviation history. I’m personally very excited because Brownsville now has an airport terminal that portrays an exceptional first impression of our city.

“Imagine the looks on the faces of our families and friends as they fly in. Imagine future visitors to the Island as they see Brownsville for the first time, and imagine your own sense of pride as you pick up your family, friends, and business associates and welcome them to Brownsville,” he said.

“As far as growth, Brownsville has been pursuing new airlines, new routes, and new international travel,” Walker added. “Now we are able to provide prospects with more than just an architecture rendition. This is the real deal; it’s one impressive terminal.”