Contact BRO

For all questions related to arrivals, departures, flight availability, reservations, baggage and travel information, please contact the airlines servicing the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport.

American Airlines Reservations

Language & LocationsPhone Numbers
Spanish (Español)1-800-633-3711
Hearing & Speech Impaired1-800-543-1586

United Airlines Reservations

Language & LocationsPhone Numbers
English & Spanish (Español)1-800-UNITED-1
Hearing Impaired or Teletypewriter1-800-323-0170

For any issues at the terminal, parking lot, airport property or any question regarding the airport, please contact our administration or airport operations offices.

Airport Administrative Offices

Contact UsPhoneEmailHours of Operation
Airport Administration(956) 542-4373flybrownsville@cob.usMonday-Friday: 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm
(Excluding official holidays)
Airport Operations(956) 459-1808Monday-Sunday: 6am-12am
(Including official holidays)