Construction Projects

Construction Projects

New Passenger Terminal

Efforts by the City of Brownsville and the Department of Aviation are underway to begin construction of a new 91,000 sq. ft. passenger terminal to better serve the needs of the region for business and leisure travel.

Slated for completion 4th quarter of 2020 the current terminal will be replaced by a modern, functional and efficient facility.

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Airport Rotating Beacon Upgrade

The FAA awarded BRO with a grant to install a new airport rotating beacon. This beacon is a visual aid for pilots to identify the location of the airport at night and during low visibility conditions.

US EDA Cargo Facility

The US Economic Development Agency awarded a $1,000,000.00 grant to the City of Brownsville, Department of Aviation to build a new 20,000 sq. ft. Air Cargo facility to increase handling capacity, while creating jobs and driving economic development in the region.

Land Acquisition

The City of Brownsville, through an impartial third party consultant has resumed its land acquisition program to increase the safety, health and wellness of the neighboring residents in the adjacent properties southeast of the Airport and will allow for eventual extension of the runway.