Airport-Island Shuttle


Free shuttle service is provided by an independent third party, not the airport. Please verify information with the companies listed below. Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Valley Metro (Free Service)

  • Phone: (800) 574-8322
  • Monday through Saturday
  • Excluding Holidays

Island Metro (Free Service)

  • Phone: (855) 220-8827
  • 7 days a week
  • Website

*Metro Connect (Free Service)

Formerly The WAVE

  • Phone: (956) 761-8178

Note: Island arrival and departures from first and last stops. All transfers are made at Las Palmas Shopping Center in Port Isabel. Schedule below is current as of May 2017.

Airport – Island Shuttle from BRO to South Padre Island (SPI)

Leave BRO Transfer to Island Metro Arrive SPI
6:15am* (Metro Connect) 7:19am 7:42am
6:20am (Valley Metro) 7:19am 7:42am
7:50am (Valley Metro) 8:49am 9:12am
7:55am* (Metro Connect) 8:49am 9:12am
8:50am (Valley Metro) 9:49am 10:09am
9:20am* (Metro Connect) 10:19am 10:42am
10:20am (Valley Metro) 11:19am 11:42am
10:50am* (Metro Connect) 11:49am 12:12pm
12:20pm (Valley Metro) 1:19pm 1:42pm
12:25pm* (Metro Connect) 1:19pm 1:42pm
1:50pm (Valley Metro) 2:49pm 3:12pm
2:45pm* (Metro Connect) 4:19pm 4:42pm
2:50pm (Valley Metro) 3:49pm 4:12pm
4:20pm (Valley Metro) 5:19pm 5:42pm
5:20pm (Valley Metro) 6:19pm 6:42pm
5:40pm* (Metro Connect) 7:19pm 7:42pm
6:30pm* (Metro Connect) 7:19pm 7:42pm
6:50pm (Valley Metro) 7:49pm 8:12pm
7:10pm* (Metro Connect) 8:19pm 8:42pm
8:00pm* (Metro Connect) 8:19pm 8:42pm

Airport – Island Shuttle from SPI to BRO

Leave SPI (City Hall) Transfer to Island Metro Arrive BRO
--- 5:20am* (Metro Connect) 6:15am
--- 6:30am (Valley Metro) 7:05am
--- 6:40am* (Metro Connect) 7:55am
7:00am 7:30am (Valley Metro) 8:05am
7:30am 8:20am* (Metro Connect) 9:20am
8:30am 9:00am (Valley Metro) 9:35am
8:30am 9:50am* (Metro Connect) 10:50am
9:00am 10:00am (Valley Metro) 10:35am
10:30am 11:20am* (Metro Connect) 12:25pm
11:00am 11:30am (Valley Metro) 12:05pm
1:00pm 1:30pm (Valley Metro) 2:05pm
1:30pm 2:20pm* (Metro Connect) 2:45pm*
2:30pm 3:00pm (Valley Metro) 3:35pm
3:30pm 4:00pm (Valley Metro) 4:35pm
4:30pm 5:20pm* (Metro Connect) 5:40pm*
5:00pm 5:30pm (Valley Metro) 6:05pm
6:00pm 6:30pm (Valley Metro) 7:05pm
6:00pm 6:50pm* (Metro Connect) 7:10pm*